Making an Impact. There is Hope. Always Forward!


"USOH is an organization of grassroots leaders, concerned citizens & veterans committed to positively improve and bless the lives of families and individuals impacted by war, economic challenge, and natural disaster. Our team is educated, equipped and empowered to impact communities. Join us!"

"USOH is on a mission. A mission to bring all vets home... completely. Some of us have wounds that can't be seen. USOH understands that and is doing everything they can to give veterans the welcome home they deserve. If you love veterans, please, support USOH. They're the real deal."

- Nathan Hansen Montana Vetrepreneur

"The United States of Hope is a great asset to the city of Missoula! Love their work, it’s profoundly meaningful!"

- Dakota Hileman, University of Montana Student & Grassroots Activist

"Building true grassroots Community... Veteran programs and much more. Great place to support and volunteer."

- Kathleen Wilson

"I applaud the work these people are doing on behalf of veterans and others as a positive solution in society. I want this movement to spread across America like a wildfire."

- Roger McCormack